Beekee Box

The stand-alone device for collaboration and training that goes everywhere

The Beekee Box is a portable learning platform that works without internet. Turns on the box to create a local wireless network and let the learners connect to it using their own devices to retrieve documents, collaborate in real time and follow complete training courses.

Bee everywhere

Thanks to its battery and small size, you can go off-road for several hours and withstand power cuts.

Bee secure

The data exchanged on Beekee Box is secured and physically stored on the box, generating an atmosphere of trust among learners.

Bee open

Beekee Box runs on a modulable-based software and hardware, allowing you to customize it for your needs.

Technical features

  • Battery life

    Up to 3 hours (expandable by an external battery)

  • Range

    Up to 50 meters (WiFi range will vary depending on site conditions)

  • Number of users

    Up to 20 concurrent users

  • Storage

    From 32GB to 256GB

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