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Bringing interactive training to the field

Médecins Sans Frontières' trainers wanted to deliver interactive training programs to the field using digital tools. But in the field, this is often not an option because of the missing infrastructure: no Internet access, few computers, power cuts.

After a deep analysis of the context, we proposed a solution allowing learners to retrieve trainer's documents, perform assessments, and collaborate in real-time using their smartphones: meet the Beekee Box.

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Allowing refugees to follow educational courses

InZone built a Learning Hub with a dozen computers enabling refugees at the Kakuma Camp in northern Kenya to follow higher-education courses. But more was needed to reach and serve more of the 200000+ refugees on-site.

We proposed the following solution: to create 'satellite' Learning Hubs using Beekee Boxes and to distribute them across the camp. This allows refugees to follow complete InZone's certificate courses using their smartphones.

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Promoting collaboration in an academic course

Prof. Bétrancourt required her students at the University to be engaged in reflective and critical discourses by sharing their point of view.

Inspired by cooperative learning principles, we developed Beekee Live: a web platform that allows learners to express themselves in real-time by posting text, comments, and photos of their works, as well as sharing files.

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Promoting collaboration during practical work

Prof. Steiner needed for her high-school students to observe different cells and engage in constructive discussions during a lab lesson with microscopes. But taking a photo with a phone or tablet on the microscope lens is pretty challenging...

We put our creativity and our 3D printing skills to work and designed a universal support: the Beekee-scope. It allows students to take photos with their smartphones through a microscope and to share them with Beekee Live.

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