Beekee Devices

Using educational technologies is not an option in certain contexts, mostly because of the missing infrastructure: No –or weak– Internet access, few computers available, power cuts.

We propose two solutions for teachers and instructors to bring the power of technology everywhere while improving the engagement of their lessons: the Beekee Box and the Beekee Hub.

Beekee Box

The Beekee Box is a portable device made to support learning in offline-first contexts.
Turn it on and in less than a minute it will create a local wireless network that learners can connect to using their own devices to collaborate in real-time, share and retrieve documents, and even follow complete training courses.

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The Beekee Box works with any smartphone, tablet or computer, directly in your web browser without the need of installing any application.

The Beekee Box is preloaded with Beekee Apps to help teachers and trainer make their learners more active.

We also adapt and develop tailor-made Custom Apps to cover your particular needs!

Bee everywhere

Thanks to its battery and small size, you can go off-road and withstand power cuts.

Bee secure

The data exchanged on Beekee Box is secured and physically stored on the box, generating an atmosphere of trust among learners.

Bee open

Beekee box runs on Open hardware, allowing you to build or repair your own box.
Get the files or let us build it for you.

They work with us

Médecins Sans Frontières wanted to deliver interactive digital training programs in the field, where conditions are rather challenging: missing IT infrastructure, poor connectivity, fast-changing circumstances.

We worked together towards a solution based on the Beekee Box, allowing learners to rapidly retrieve documents shared by the instructor, perform assessments, and collaborate with peers in real-time using their smartphones.

InZone built a solar-powered digital campus with about a dozen computers allowing refugees at the Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya to follow higher-education courses. But more is needed to reach and serve the 200 000+ refugees on-site.

We proposed to create ‘satellite’ Learning Hubs using Beekee Boxes and to distribute them across the camp. This bridged access to knowledge and allowed refugees to follow complete InZone’s certificate programs using their smartphones.


  • Generates a local wireless network allowing learners to access pedagogical content using a smartphone or computer
  • Works fully offline
  • Pre-loaded with Apps (e.g. Moodle)
  • Withstand power cuts
  • Data stored on the box
  • Remote Access to the Beekee Box with Beekee Care*
  • Remote Maintenance with Beekee Care*

*By connecting the Beekee Box to internet with a cable.

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  • Battery life

    ~1.5 hours with internal battery

    Up to 10 hours with an external battery

  • Range

    ~ 40 meters

  • Number of concurrent users

    Up to 25 users

  • Storage

    Up to 512GB

Beekee Hub

Setting up distance learning is not straightfoward when on-site infrastructure is not reliable. Also, data bundles represent a significant cost, learners often cannot afford them.

Meet the Beekee Hub, a device made to support distance learning in low-resource contexts. Deploying a Beekee Hub to the field will act as a relay between the trainers and the learners on-site.


Includes all the Beekee Box features, but also:
  • Trainers can remotely access the Hub and upload content thanks to a 3G/4G connexion
  • Allows online collaboration and exchanges with Beekee Live
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance with Beekee Care
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Beekee Care

Beekee Care offers you peace of mind: premium software and hardware technical support with worldwide remote access by a technician. Total control of your fleet.

Beekee Care allows you to access your devices remotely* to upload new content, answer students' questions or fetch Learning Analytics from anywhere, as if you were next to the device.

*By connecting the Beekee Box to internet with a cable.