What is Beekee?

Interactivity enhances learning but making learners active is often a challenge.
Beekee is a simple open-source platform that harnesses the potential of digital devices to get your learners to collaborate in face-to-face scenarios.
It has been also conceived to run on a convenient, stand-alone device that can be used in remote locations, we call this the Beekee box.

Make learners active

By allowing learners to express themselves answering short questions, posting photos or sharing files, Beekee encourages reflective engagement and allows to visualize everyone’s progress through a real-time flow.

Make learners interactive

Beekee serves as a medium for constructive discussion and debate by allowing learners to react to their peers contributions by commenting, modifying, or building upon them.

Distribute your course materials

Beekee facilitates course management by allowing you to easily deliver documents or instructions to learners.

And more...

No internet connexion?

Get the Beekee box

The Beekee box is a stand-alone device running Beekee, which doesn’t need an internet connection to operate. It generates its own WiFi network to which learners can connect to.

Bee everywhere

Thanks to its built-in battery and small size, you can go off-road for several hours and withstand power cuts.

Bee secure

The data exchanged on Beekee box is secured and physically stored on the box, generating an atmosphere of trust among learners.

Bee open

Beekee box runs on Open hardware, allowing you to build or repair your own box. It is printed using biodegradable plastic with a low-cost 3D printer.

Technical features

  • Autonomy

    5+ hours (according to the installed battery capacity)

  • Range of the WiFi

    Up to 50 meters (range will vary depending on site conditions)

  • Number of users

    Up to 25 concurrent users

  • Storage

    From 32GB to 256GB

Our services

We are a team of makers and researchers from the University of Geneva with skills in pedagogy, software development, UX, and 3D printing. We can build Beekee boxes for you, provide custom training and develop tailor-made functionalities for your organization. Contact us for discussing how we can cover your needs.

Vincent Widmer
Sergio Estupiñán
Julien Venni
Stéphane Morand

Contact us

Interested in deploying Beekee in your school or organization? Got feedback for us? Have questions? We would love to hear from you! Send us an email or come see us, we are located in:

University of Geneva
Bd Pont d'Arve, 40
1211 Geneva 4