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Discover how Arizona State University harnessed the power of Beekee Hub to extend educational opportunities beyond connectivity barriers. Dive into the data that showcases the tangible impact of our solutions in real-world classrooms.

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"The Beekee Box is perfect for our needs – a last-mile platform to collaborate, train, and inform our frontline health workers located in remote settings where access to digital content is a constant challenge."
Abiy Tamrat
Medical Technologies Analyst at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
"For our refugee education initiative, Education for Humanity, our newfound capacity to deliver, in an offline-first fashion, localized, relevant, and engaging digital learning experiences hand-in-hand with 30+ partners in 15+ countries, our pivot to Beekee is going to be a game-changer."
Marc Sperber
Assistant Director Program Design and Development, Education for Humanity, Arizona State University (ASU)
"The Beekee Box was the missing link that the Antenna Foundation leverages for interactive digital learning in places where the internet is unavailable or unreliable (or too expensive)."
Justin Veuthey
New Technologies Officer at Antenna Foundation

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