Educational technologies have the potential to improve access to quality education worldwide. But they require a solid infrastructure and the right skills to seize them.

At Beekee, we provide tools and support to make learning possible everywhere.

Making Learning Possible


The Beekee Box and the Beekee Hub are devices capable of delivering complete collaborative educational programs in low-resource areas without an internet connexion.


At Beekee, we have the pedagogical and technical expertise to support you from A to Z to deliver effective training programs everywhere.

About us

Vincent and Sergio met more than five years ago while doing their PhD in educational technologies at the University of Geneva. Both believing that well designed technologies can play an important role in fostering quality education, they co-founded Beekee, a Swiss impact-oriented Start Up.

Our team has skills in instructional design, engineering, software development, UX, 3D printing and evidence-based research, giving us a solid pool of expertise to tackle new and complex challenges.

Vincent Widmer, PhD
Sergio Estupiñán, PhD

Jacques Bøgh
Diana Jeronimo
Instructional Designer

Julien Venni
Graphic Designer
Stéphane Morand
Systems Engineer

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