Deliver blended learning in every context.

Blending digital and face-to-face learning opportunities is key to reach more learners while reducing drop-outs. But until now, bad internet access (besides power cuts) made it difficult to reach students near their communities.

Beekee solves these problems through preloaded educational content and interactive learning applications, beamed directly unto students' smartphones, for use in class or later - no internet needed.

Beekee Box

The digital classroom moves around with your instructor. Switch it on and instantly deliver content and interactive tools. No internet needed.
Update content via internet whenever it is convenient.
Supports: and more

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Beekee Hub

Set up your community campus without worrying about IT and internet. Support instructors and students by instantly delivering content and interactive tools.
Update content and enable remote tutoring when needed using mobile data connectivity.
Supports: and more

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Easily access and handle your devices anywhere

Subscribe to Beekee Plus to unlock significant advantages:


Rely on our global remote support access. Premium software and hardware technical assistance.

Fleet management

Access and manage your device fleet remotely, anywhere in the world.

Learner support

Enable remote tutoring and content update. Track learning progress and student activity.

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Consulting services

We assist you in designing and delivering the most effective training programs
while making the most out of the available Educational Technologies.

Course development

We provide consulting in creating and designing high quality course contents based on proven instructional design practices.

Activities design

We design exercises and activities that enhance learning outcomes.


We analyze instructional scenarios and problems, report, develop, and implement potential solutions.

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