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Beyond Boundaries

No internet? No problem.
The Beekee Box is your portable solution to enable dynamic digital learning in the most remote locations.

"The Beekee Box is perfect for our needs – a last-mile platform to collaborate, train, and inform our frontline health workers located in remote settings where access to digital content is a constant challenge."
Abiy Tamrat
Medical Technologies Analyst at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Customize Your Curriculum.

Your Content, Your Way.

While the Beekee Box comes equipped with powerful learning apps, its true magic lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate your unique content. We can help you tailor your digital lessons, ensuring they resonate with your learners.

Redefine Mobility.

Move, Connect, Educate.

With a battery backup to withstand power cuts and a size that fits in your hand, the Beekee Box is the true definition of mobile education. Whether you're moving between rooms or villages, keep the power of digital learning by your side.

The Beekee Box in Action.

Médecins Sans Frontières' Digital Field Training.

In challenging field conditions, Médecins Sans Frontières faced obstacles such as unreliable IT infrastructure, spotty connectivity, and ever-shifting scenarios. They sought a resilient solution to deploy digital training efficiently and interactively.

With the Beekee Box, they empowered their teams. Learners could swiftly access instructor-shared documents, take assessments, and engage in real-time collaborations with peers, all via their smartphones, regardless of the challenging environment around them.

Seamless Management for Your Beekee Fleet.

Synchronization & Fleet Management.

Streamline your fleet management, synchronize learner data across all devices, effortlessly update content, and unlock rich analytics. Deliver a consistently fresh and unified learning experience to every learner thanks to Beekee Plus.

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Discover the future of mobile digital education with the Beekee Box. Let's bring your curriculum to life, anywhere and everywhere.

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The Ultimate Offline-first Digital Classroom Solutions.

Whether you're on the move with the Beekee Box or establishing a stable training location with the Beekee Hub, we've got you covered.

Dive into intuitive digital learning without the boundaries of the internet.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need an Internet connection to use the Beekee Box?
No. The Beekee Box generates its own local Wi-Fi network, allowing learners to access content and apps pre-loaded onto the device without requiring an Internet connection.
Does the Wi-Fi generated by Beekee Box mean I have Internet access?
No. The Wi-Fi network generated by the Beekee Box allows connection to the device and access to its pre-loaded content, but it doesn't provide general Internet access.
How do learners access content on the Beekee Box?
Learners simply connect to the Beekee Box's Wi-Fi network using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. They then use their device's web browser to access the contents and the Learning Apps pre-installed on the Beekee Box.
What's the range of the Beekee Box's local wireless network?
The Beekee Box's wireless network typically covers a range of up to 50 meters, though this can vary depending on the environment and physical obstructions. This range is ideally suited for classroom settings, ensuring all learners within the space can access the network seamlessly.
Can I add my own content to the Beekee Box?
Absolutely! Educational content can be initially loaded onto the box by the instructor or organization. You can certainly use your own content, and we're here to assist you with the process. Check out our Consulting Services.
How long does the Beekee Box's battery last?
The Beekee Box comes with an internal battery that can last through power cuts for approximately 2 hours. Additionally, for extended use or in mobile scenarios, you can easily connect it to a power bank or a solar panel to keep it running seamlessly.
Can the Beekee Box be managed remotely?
While the Beekee Box primarily operates offline, it can be connected to the Internet via an ethernet cable for periodic updates and management using the Beekee Cockpit, our fleet management system.
How many learners can connect to the Beekee Box at once?
The Beekee Box is designed to accommodate up to 25 simultaneous connections, making it suitable for classroom-sized groups. The exact number may vary based on the specific activities and data demands.
How many courses can I install on the Beekee Box?
The storage capacity of the Beekee Box can vary based on the model you choose. We offer options with 256GB, 512GB, or even higher disk capacities. The number of courses you can install largely depends on the size of each course. For instance, a course primarily composed of text and images will take up less space than one heavy with videos and interactive media. On average, with the 256GB model, you can store hundreds of text-based courses or several comprehensive multimedia courses. If you have substantial content or multimedia courses, you might consider the 512GB model or higher for ample storage.

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