Simple All-in-One Management.

Manage Your Fleet with Beekee Plus.

Deploy your digital education projects - whatever the complexity and size of your education projects, we got you covered- automate device control and learner's data synchronization.

Control at Your Fingertips.

One Platform, Endless Control.

The Cockpit is your virtual command center, giving you a bird's-eye view of your Beekee device fleet.
Oversee storage, battery life, or dip into real-time app activities. Want to push new lessons? Or perhaps switch up a password? With a few clicks, transform daunting tasks into intuitive actions.

Learners' Data Synchronized.

Tailor-made for connectivity-challenged locations.

Ensures every learner’s journey, from badges earned to quizzes taken, is seamlessly mirrored across devices and links back to your central Moodle instance.
Our robust synchronization system keeps the learning experience fluid and interconnected.

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The Ultimate Offline-first Digital Classroom Solutions.

Whether you're on the move with the Beekee Box or establishing a stable training location with the Beekee Hub, we've got you covered.

Dive into intuitive digital learning without the boundaries of the internet.